"This Was Prime Time"

by Rachel Pelz

A found poem from the Miley Cyrus FCC complaints.

Being a Christian I’m taking a stand against
using a “Fanatic’s finger” as if it were a phallus.

A lady would never conduct herself like that.

She put her face in a fake butt,
indicating oral sex, dog sex,
acting like a devil,
flicking that tongue —

as daemons do.

May God help this nation,
that whore acted like a bitch in heat.
I would have taken her to Tijuana.

Good Heavens! I’m certainly no prude. But
this was much worse than that disaster with
one of the Jackson girls. Her gestures
have crossed the line into a sick arena —

Sure, I could turn it off?

We should not be subjected to soft porn
during peak hours. She touched the man’s groin
with a rubber hand. Dry humping, licking
the butt of a stuff bear, giggling
her buttock against his penis — 
“Twerk” seems to be the word.

Where has censorship gone? The FCC has no teeth anymore — 
talk about a paper tiger. Trust me
when I say I will call my Senator, my Congressman.
Penalties should be enforced.
You can say all you want about the stupidity of youth,
but our children deserve better.

The fine for Miss Miley Cyrus, the toddler wearing pigtails:
I suggest twelve months in a convent!
The fine for Miss Miley Cyrus, the little slut:
One million dollars from the network,
payable to the America that I knew.

Let’s show her America is cleaner than that.
The fine for this filth is Miss Miley Cyrus
needs to be spanked.

Rachel Pelz lives and writes in Brooklyn.