New York City, September 23, 2013

★★★★★ The first-grader had worn his windbreaker to school the last morning he’d needed it, then had left it there. A vest would have to do. And corduroys and a hoodie would be enough for the two-year-old. Really, it was OK for an adult in short sleeves and damp hair, even over by the river; the wind was cold but had no real bite. A faded gibbous moon held on in the blue daytime sky over the ABC building. There was a fresh, rusty ocean smell rolling up the avenue. All the edges of the buildings were sharp, and the leaves looked sharp too, still green and in place. Everything was faltering on the Internet, reason enough to go out again, where the afternoon sun shone straight up Broadway. Fire escapes cast shadows on themselves, grids of bright dotted lines overlaid on more grids. It would have been chilly in the shade, but both sides of the street were the sunny side.