It's Your Brooklyn Moment

You should run, not walk or train, to Carroll Gardens this week, where one of their restaurants is doing a collaboration with “ramen-burger creator Keizo Shimamoto, who’s adding some R&D; variety into the fold: Co-owner Justin DeSpirito tells Grub Street that Shimamoto will test-drive a new type of ramen burger every Saturday at Smorgasburg, then bring the fried-noodle-bun novelties to Smith Street for the remainder of each week.” While you’re there, waiting for your trendy noodle burger, you should take some time and really get to know the neighborhood, perhaps even find a place and settle in for a few years. Hell, put down some roots, maybe make it your new base! Just let us know your new address and we’ll send your stuff after you. I mean, we’ll miss you here in town, but we feel like this might be the right move for you to make now. All streaks end, so now it’s time for you to start a new one, out in Brooklyn, with your ramen patties and your double-digit bill rice balls and your ballet gym. Don’t step on any strollers!