What Did You Dream About Last Night?

by Becca Hafter

I asked strangers around Manhattan and Philadelphia about their most recent dreams.

Cherrie: A test, because I had a test last week.

Jose: I remember my dreams, but in the morning, not right now.

Dominic: (Milo, Luca and their dog Ruby also pictured)
It’s so loud around here that I never get to sleep more than 40 minutes at a time. I don’t think they’re going to tell you anything, they don’t have enough words.

Adam: New York, being in Manhattan.
Brian: Taylor Swift.

Crystal: I very rarely have dreams. I can’t remember the last time I had a dream actually, I guess I’m a boring sleeper.

Charity: The Little Mermaid.

Adrienne: Sometimes they’re vivid and sometimes I don’t remember them at all.
Chanel: It’s like a blur!

Robert: I didn’t dream.

Mike: Senior prom.
Brad: I think I was at the Olympics.

Aaron: I used to have recurring dreams mainly about going to high school.
Uri: I think I had some [recurring dreams] in high school, mainly about physically harming teachers that I didn’t like.

Ramon: Food, maybe?

Laura: I have this recurring dream where I’m lost in a hotel and I’ve got dogs with me, because I’m a dog walker, and then I go in and there’s this guy and he flirts with me and I get distracted and I realize that I don’t know where the dogs are. I go to look for the dogs and I get lost in a parking garage. When I come back the dogs are there but then I let them inside to go see what happened to this guy and my biggest dog pees all over the floor.

Brian: I don’t remember.

Ellen: Oh I had a fantastic one, I was in the ocean, it was fabulous actually. It was probably two nights ago or something.
Karen: I can’t remember any, really. I forget them immediately.

Larry: I dreamed about you.

Becca Hafter is an Awl summer reporter.