The 'Breaking Bad' Finale Spoiler You Won't See Anywhere Else On The Internet

Did anyone else see that thing this weekend where a source “with knowledge of the show’s inner workings” claims that ‘Breaking Bad’ creator Vince Gilligan is so obsessed with surpassing the reaction David Chase got for the last “Sopranos” episode that, in spite of a huge knock-down, drag-out fight with AMC execs, he has insisted the finale reveal the whole thing to have been an idle daydream Jesse is having as a student in Walt’s high school chemistry class, and the last scene is him snapping to attention when Walt calls on him, and in the background you see Gus Fring walk by in a janitor’s uniform with a mop and a bucket, and then Jesse turns to Jane, who is sitting in the desk next to him and says, “You are not gonna believe what I just dreamed”? It was on one of the big Hollywood industry gossip sites but they seemed to have deleted it pretty quickly, who knows why. Anyway, just putting it out there.