Sind Sie Bereit Für Ein "Schneefälle"?

It does occur to me again that if you are going to have a team of 29 people put together a monster piece of “multimedia journalism” for your newspaper website that perhaps you could add a 30th person whose duty it is to implement the piece in a variety of languages. These might include languages such as Mandarin, English, Spanish and Arabic, which would then allow you access to readers among 25% of the world’s people, instead of just publishing in German, as Die Ziet has, which will you get you a total market cap of something like 1% of them. Or, in real if estimated numbers of total speakers, not just native speakers, translation rockets you from maybe 150 million German-fluent-ish people from which to find an audience to 3 billion. Toss in Hindi for another 500 million. Obviously even fluent secondary German speakers are going to stumble on the written text; why aren’t we all employing some of the millions of brilliant young jobless trilingual Europeans?