Now There's A Store In Town For All Your Fake Cigarette Needs

“Legally you can’t smoke on the LIRR but vaping isn’t smoking. The rules say you can’t carry a burning product but there is no fire in a Vape.”
— I’m not sure what kind of trauma needs to occur in your life to induce so much apathy that you can casually utter the word “vaping” with neither irony nor shame, but apparently it happens. Anyway, “Electronic cigarettes have become such a booming business — there’s now dozens of brands to choose from — that one line, VapeNY, opened its own stand-alone store on the Lower East Side last week.” I am not saying that you would vastly improve the life of this city if you were to stand outside the doors of this shop and bonk the customers on the head when as they exit but I’m also not saying it would make things worse.