"More Interesting": A Poem by Matthew Cooperman

by Mark Bibbins, Editor

I love the old philosophers

I feel the turn of the earth like heavy traffic

I am not a die-hard sports fan

I love to cut wood

Gender is a fuse that lights the way back

I love to cut wood

When I was a child I believed in a lake in the woods

Somewhere near Salzburg, a lake, fog on a lake…

I am standing there as you are here, holding

A novel about Nazi burials

I have a large library

I am not a fan of Sappho

I am the newly dead

I go to a boat show and buy a dog

The earth, little movement and enormous speed,

So fast was that world bound by gods

I love pocket-knives and old oak

I am not afraid to die

Matthew Cooperman is the author of three chapbooks and four books, most recently the text + image book Imago for the Fallen World (Jaded Ibis, 2013), with Marius Lehene. He teaches poetry at Colorado State University.

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