Writing Under The Influence

by Awl Sponsors

Blow. Snow. Dope. Bolivian marching powder. Blue devils. Whatever you call them, these are the drugs — cocaine, heroin, and speed — that have fueled the creation of some of the finest literature of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

In the Drug Chronicles anthology series, some of today’s best writers, including Megan Abbott, Sherman Alexie, Eric Bogosian, Ken Bruen, Lee Child, Nathan Larson, Tao Lin, Laura Lippman, Lydia Lunch, Jerry Stahl and Jess Walter continue the tradition by tackling stories inspired by these mind-altering substances.

It’s a twisted journey into the dark corners of these writers’ minds. Or, as James Franco says in this video, it’s “all the stuff we don’t show in public.”

The Cocaine Chronicles. The Heroin Chronicles. The Speed Chronicles. Get the high without the hangover with this addictive anthology series — now available in ebook.