Read Your Way Through the USA: The Best American Mysteries from Coast to Coast (Infographic)

by Awl Sponsors

This summer, join us for a literary road trip across the USA. We’ve chosen the best mysteries, thrillers, and crime stories from every state in the union. Each novel encapsulates the unique flora and fauna of the state, and weaves a tale of villainy and intrigue you won’t want to miss.

Handpicked by the mystery team, these tales of murder, revenge, and destructive ambition will take you on a wild ride from the Atlantic to the Pacific: from Carl Hiaasen’s sleazy South Florida heists, to James Ellroy’s dark and greedy streets of Los Angeles, you’ll never look at America in quite the same way.

To start exploring, or to find an ebook that takes place in your home state, check out our “map of mystery” infographic below, then learn more about your next mysterious destination.

And here’s the best part: from June 11-June 18, the 64 ebooks below are on sale up to 75% off. In this case, it’s all about the destination, not the journey, so choose wisely….