Incoming Men's Fashion Trend Disaster: "The Single-Pleated Chino"

Here is the new thing they are trying to foist on men, as per the June/July issue of Details: “chinos” with one single pleat. Not zero pleats; not pleats on both sides of your forward-facing business. Oh no. Just one asymmetrical pleat, in an otherwise equally ill-fitting and rather awkward pair of summer pants. This is upsetting on a number of levels: capitalist, aesthetic, moral, social, sexual, emotional.

And from where do they get these uniform-faced whites who are so willing to debase themselves as single-pleat models? It’s sad.

None of this is okay.

Update: OH THANK GOD, this really is a hoax… of the eyeballs at least. After talking to fashion experts, and looking at this sneakily lit photo for yet another hour, they really are just pleated chinos. (Which are still disgusting! Death to nearly all pleats!) But so much less terrible than I’d feared. God bless America and God bless pants.