Witness Gun History

“In the hands of its 25-year-old creator, Texas University law student Cody Wilson, the gun looks like an absurdly large Lego piece. Called the liberator, it is very real, very deadly, and very important: It is the first gun printed entirely with 3-D-printed parts (except for a single common nail that can be bought at any hardware store) and it is not hyperbole to call its firing a historical event.”
— MAN: Remember the historic moment when that guy fired the first 3-D-printed pistol?
[Sound of gunfire.]
MAN: Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting that I need to be more quiet now that everyone has their own little plastic arsenal of deadly weaponry and we live in a society where we are hunted down indiscriminately. I guess the sound of my voice gave our position away. Now I suppose I am the last person who can recall that historical event.
[More gunfire.]
MAN: Well, that sucked.