Interns: Definitely Just Be Yourself In The Office, Including "Edgy" And/Or "Nude"

Hey, young ladies! Do you regularly exhibit your nipples and/or pudenda on the streets? Young millennial fellas: are you a balls-out kinda guy in general? Good news! While some uptight fools will tell you not to dress like a slanch for your internship, we believe you are more likely to Find Your Unique Path and also to Make It In New York City in general if you just “be yourself.” An office is an extension of your lifestyle, after all, and if your lifestyle is nipple-centric or “neo-burlesque” or “embodying James Deen gifs,” that is fine, and don’t let anyone tell you different. You’re only young and pretty once!

Adult-sized diapers and day-glo werewolf-hair arm-gloves are also cool.

BE YOURSELF. It’s the only way that we can figure out who you really are, and separate you from the weirdos and losers with their slacks and briefcases and preparedness.

Helpful illustration by Lorena Cupcake.