"The Exquisite Corpse Project": A Movie About When Your Friendships Go Horribly Wrong

This is a real-life story about five bros who decide to make a movie, as sort of a last hurrah before they grow up. Each of them has to write 15 pages of the movie in turn, having only seen the immediately preceding 5 pages. And then… they make the movie.

Crazily enough, everyone finds this very frustrating and acts like a big baby. Ha ha, no, only sometimes. It’s actually a great depiction of collaboration and how awful and wonderful it all is. (Makes a lovely companion to the Andre Gregory documentary Before and After Dinner, which, by the way, has been extended through tomorrow at Film Forum.) Plus you get two movies in one: the filmed result, which tests its actors to their limits, and the story of the collaboration.

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“A truly great film about collaboration, friendships and the friction that can exist therein,” says Film Threat. “Never before has a movie so deftly deconstructed friendship and filmmaking and creativity and collaboration,” says a dude who produced “Portlandia.”

This is the first offering from our project Splitsider Presents, which distributes comedy and standup directly from artists.