Scary New Machine-Worship Cult Arises: #NewDigitalAge

The #NewDigitalAge is a book about technology, but even more, it’s a book about humans.…

— Eric Schmidt (@ericschmidt) April 25, 2013

Google billionaire Eric Schmidt is the chief lobbyist for The Machines, and so he has produced a piece of propaganda to encourage humans to welcome the ever-expanding roles of programs in their lives. Borrowing its name from a lost Joy Division recording, #NewDigitalAge will help retrain what he calls “humans” to give up all their data to the algorithms of The Machines, in exchange for ease and entertainment.

Schmidt’s lobbying for The Machines includes teaching humans basic facts about The Machines and how wonderful they are. The Machines, in exchange, will continue to pay him handsomely, based on the number of humans who give up their data to The Machines.

There are no countries whose situations worsened with the arrival of the internet. #NewDigitalAge

— Eric Schmidt (@ericschmidt) April 17, 2013