More Millionaires Declare That College Just Isn't Worth It

Serial entrepreneur millionaire Jason Calacanis is joining the crowd of rich people in turning against college: “In my estimation college is worth it if you have a ton of money and don’t care about ROI, or if you can pay less than $50k-$75k and get a job with starting pay of $50k or more (generally technical, trade or finance work).” Don’t go to school, kids!

But there’s an answer. And the answer comes from brave disruptors in tech! That’s where all good answers come from. “They’re blowing up education by making it a) free, b) on demand and c) engaging — and even fun!” Yessir. “Did you know you can take tons of courses from MIT, Stanford and Harvard online right now for free?”

In fact I did know that.

So, a bunch of millionaires don’t want to pay outrageous college prices. Good for them! The price of college is insane. But back in the real world, 64 of the best colleges in the country meet 100% of student need, so that children from families that aren’t millionaires can attend an actual school, instead of a series of YouTube webinars, at a cost approaching zero dollars. Hundreds of other schools come close to meeting 100%, or do and don’t guarantee it. But we’re not talking about the vast majority of students. We’re talking about millionaires who don’t need to bother filling out financial aid forms. We’re talking about folks like Sebastian Thrun, who brought you Google Street View, so he must be an expert on higher education.

Enjoy your well-rounded and trust-funded children who watch a bunch of college videos and get a certificate that they did so! They’re going to be a real boon to the world.