14% Slowdown In PC Sales Probably Just Like When Giant Asteroid Struck Earth

This is the shittiest clip art we could find for this important post.

“Yes, a meteor or comet was the death blow. But the giant lizards were already in trouble when the impact came. Giant herbivores that reached 80 tons had deforested more and more land and had to go far and wide for food. The predators and scavengers that lived off of them struggled to keep up. It wasn’t exactly good times before the sky would go dark and the volcanoes would erupt.”
 — This must be from an article about … dinosaurs? No, not literal dinosaurs. Some kind of change in habits or industry, perhaps a “game changer” of some kind? Maybe it’s about Windows 7, or Windows 8, or? Let’s say it’s about Windows.

Image via Shutterstock.