There's A Special Place In Hell...

There’s A Special Place In Hell…

For witches.1
For vampires once they’re staked or burned.2
For the Halloween spoilers.3
For puppeteers like Paxton.4

For the systems integrators.5

For a number of Federal court judges,
As I am sure there will be for Members of Congress.6
For non-disabled drivers who sport a handicapped placard on the dash
And park free all day at a downtown metered spot.7

For liars like Golan Cipel.8
For those who remove wood windows.9
For politicians who betray our nation’s most helpless children
For the benefit of a sullen and recalcitrant teacher’s union.10

For the Kaiser, the Clown Prince,
 — and those taxi drivers!11
For noblemen who despoiled what peasants had sweated to grow. 12

For this guy.13
For those people.14
For that.15

For people who put together a book this comprehensive,
Then neglect to include an index.16

For Minnie’s married ex-lover.17
For those who violate children.18
For the women who have let men abuse them.19
For women who don’t help other women.20
For people like you.21

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Elon Green is a contributing editor to Longform.