The Weirdest Marriage Equality Signs On the Internet

This is b.s. because SCOTUS justices only uses myspace.

What the hell was that about, yesterday? Suddenly everybody (except your racist uncle in the Midwest) had changed their profile pictures and avatars to some little parallel lines symbol. It was as if millions of people tried to make a pink ribbon icon and failed, utterly, because they could not do the curve thing. But it was actually about the Supreme Court deciding who we can marry and then later divorce — the justices are not looking at the usual arguments against marriage such as “bad idea,” “everybody else was doing it,” “I want a baby” and “I was drunk that year.” Instead, they are focusing only on the gender of the person or persons getting married. In order to make John Roberts and the rest of those cretins make the right decision on whether it’s okay for multiple-penis couples or no-penis couples to go twenty grand in debt for a bullshit wedding, everybody on the Internet put some “equal sign” image buddies on their social media accounts.

But as generally happens when important issues are being discussed and everybody is supposed to put the same avatar on Twitter, some of you decided to be creative, and these are the unfortunate results.

Dude, that's blood.

If you see two bloody claw marks on a telephone pole, run first and change your profile pic later.

And who is that well-dressed bachelor with the perfectly done apartment that's seemingly bigger than other apartments that size?


Looks like the Fish Sticks logo, doesn't it?

50-year-old “punks” thought this tribute to South Bay band Black Flag was “awesome.”

When a dwarf can marry a dead girl, then where is your God?

“That gum you like is going to come back into style.”

It cums in pints?

People don’t even make hobbit-related Web graphics these days. The Web has been self-generating topical hobbit graphics since 2007.

Meesa no like.

Is this even … who knows? Maybe it’s just two pink Jar Jars sideways, the way they sometimes are?