Prince, "Eye Could Never Take The Place Of Ur Man"

The most passionate purple people might already have seen this — it’s been up on YouTube for more than a month, posted by the account of 3rdEyeGirl, who as best as any of us can tell are Hannah Ford Welton, Ida and Donna Grantis, the three women in Prince’s new band. For the slightly less passionate — those of us who were just happy to watch our newly afro’ed hero slay the the audience at Jimmy Fallon’s show Friday night (“Bambi!”) — this recent live performance of Sign o’ the Times’ “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man,” all slow and pared down and heavy, a style which this new band seems particularly well suited for, is enough to make us start thinking thoughts like, Oh, what if Prince is to show up at Carnegie Hall on Thursday, for the all-star benefit concert in tribute to his music?! What if he plays “Pop Life” with Elvis Costello?! What if he plays “Adore” with D’Angelo?! What if he plays “Take Me With You” with the Waterboys?! What if I don’t get tickets whenever he brings this band to New York for a proper, full-scale show? Prince seems to be in a very good place right now, artistically. And that is an important thing to see. [Via]