New App Will Help You Forget Pointlessness Of Life That Other Apps Always Remind You Of

“Diego Pizzagalli spent a good chunk of 10 years at Harvard doing what most professors at elite institutions do: research. Specifically, research on depression. He’s fMRI’d and EEG’d a lot of gray matter, but most of his work got stuck in the lab and never evolved into any real-world application. Then he developed something that was too good to let collect dust in the hallowed halls of academia: software that he says could help treat depression.

Now with the help of the Baltimore-based startup incubator Canterbury Road Partners, Pizzagalli is set to turn his lab invention into an app. MoodTune will be a series of simple games that when played regularly, can help treat depression, Pizzagalli and his colleagues say. Turn on the app for 15 minutes a day, play through some games, and maybe it could help. Maybe, they say, in some cases, it’d be all a depressed person would need. Could something that simple actually work?
— Sure, why the hell not. I mean, frankly, does it really matter? Does anything ever really get better? Is life anything more than a series of futile efforts that backfire no matter what your intentions are and keep you careening between sorrow and ennui until the inevitable end? Asking for a friend.

Photo by paffy, via Shutterstock