Investors Unfazed By Sequester Because They Own Private Jets, Private Armies, Etc.

You have been elected Chairman of the Poor!

“The benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to an all-time record Tuesday on news that China was pledging to plow more money into its economy, returning the markets to highs not seen since before the financial crisis. By 10 a.m. Tuesday, the Dow was up nearly 90 points, or 0.74 percent, to 14,216.70, blowing past a record that was set Oct. 11, 2007, during a time when the economy was just peaking and headed toward disaster. […] The Dow’s record high confirmed that the ongoing political paralysis in Washington has failed to spook the markets much in the last year.”
 — The very rich don’t seem to be bothered by Washington’s spending lockdown or income inequality or high unemployment or anything else, because they are so rich!