'Kilroy Was Here' Is 30


It is almost impossible to make any kind of sweeping generational statements about significant moments in pop culture these days, but I think I can say with a fair degree of certainty that if you were ten years old when Styx’s Kilroy Was Here was released, you are 40 now. Think of all the choices you’ve made since! Anyway, let’s spend a second to pay tribute to an America where something like this

The album’s somewhat rock-operatic story tells of a future where rock music is outlawed by a fascist government and the “MMM (the Majority for Musical Morality)”. The story’s protagonist, Kilroy, is a former rock star who has been imprisoned by MMM leader Dr. Righteous. He escapes using a disguise (according to the album’s famous song “Mr. Roboto”) when he becomes aware that a young musician, Jonathan Chance, is on a mission to bring rock music back.

could sell over a million copies. Were we ever that young? Well, some of us were. And now we’re that much closer to death. Anyway, happy anniversary, music record from 1983!