Will This Asteroid Destroy Earth?

“National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronomers are getting ready for asteroids and comets that could flyby near planet Earth this 2013. NASA’s deep-space radars at Goldstone, California and Arecibo, Puerto Rico will reportedly monitor space on January 9 for a particular flyby of an asteroid identified as 99942 Apophis at approximately 14.5 million kilometers away. The asteroid, which was first discovered in 2004, was named after the Egyptian god of evil and darkness measuring at an approximately 877 feet across. Early computations only suggested a 2.7% probability of asteroid collision in 2029.”
— Oh, there’s nothing to worry about, just an asteroid named after a deity responsible for evil and darkness. What could go wrong? You can see it in the video above, where at first it looks like a harmless piece of dust just bopping along through the universe and is then shown as a giant piece of space doody hurtling towards our planet on a mission to extinguish life as we know it. But not soon enough, and probably not at all. More’s the pity.