Which City Is the Most Photogenic? Round One: London vs. Amsterdam

by Awl Sponsors

If the digital revolution made it possible for anyone to become a photographer, then one can argue that instagram has emerged as the ultimate space in which the masses showcase their art. Once dismissed by smug elitists, digital photography has come in to its own in the last several years. And it’s time to celebrate that fact.

Samsung Digital Imaging is holding a global competition inviting 32 Instagram stars from 8 countries to prove that their city is the most photogenic. Samsung Digital Imaging and VICE Media Inc. have come together to celebrate the release of the all-new web connected GALAXY Camera. 32 Instagram stars from 8 countries will showcase the various features of the ground-breaking camera over an 8-week timeframe. Each week serves to highlight a different feature of the Galaxy Camera. All photography will be released through an interactive platform, allowing fans to vote for their favorite works at samsungcamera.tumblr.com.

VICE caught up with 8 of the photographers to profile their approach in an 8-part video series providing a glimpse into the process of the world’s most prolific (and followed) Instagrammers. Round one? London vs. Amsterdam!

The contenders:

Jiri Siftar is representing London with 122,459 Instagram followers. Weapon of choice: Rich Tone Mode.


Freek Geurts is representing Amsterdam with 38,432 Instagram followers. Freek tours the streets of Amsterdam on his bike using his weapon of choice: the Action Freeze Mode.

Photo Credit: Kitty De Jong