UFOs Caught On Video Over Brooklyn and San Francisco

Finally, one of the millions of video-equipped smart phones in Brooklyn have caught an unidentified flying object hovering over some of the world’s priciest real estate. Why do the alien monsters want to live where everyone else wants to live?

It is not a coincidence that similar formations of eerie lights are also being seen (and video recorded) over the Mission District in San Francisco. And there’s video of that, too.

In both videos, the voices of the observers are perfect for their respective neighborhoods. In the Brooklyn clip, various semi-stoned people express their amazement while a woman about a half block away is shouting, again and again, that these ain’t no Chinese lanterns. Perhaps it is truly the right time for the White House to begin work on a Death Star.

And in the above clip from 16th and Valencia at the heart of the incredibly expensive barrio, it sounds basically like Marc Zuckerburg saying “dude?!” and “what is that?!” repeatedly while others mutter in Spanish.

Have you seen these black triangles of eerie and potentially alien lights? Are they surveillance drones or Chinese lanterns or maybe hundred dollar bills the rich are setting on fire and letting float away with the chilly winds?