What Time Will You Die?

“Scientists have discovered a gene variation that affects the human body clock so profoundly that it even predicts the time of day when an individual is most likely to die.” What time of the day would you want to die? I am not very picky about these things, but ideally it would happen after the cocktail hour, although if I am honest I should probably note that somehow my cocktail hour, over the last few years, has swept back the hands of the clock so subtly yet persistently that I find myself ready to have a drink these days not too long after lunch, which I don’t really eat anyway because if I’m taking on calories they may as well come from alcohol, and rather than associating the cocktail hour with the fading light of late afternoon I have now started to think of it as something that happens at say, 2:30, maybe 1:45 if I’m shaking really badly and unable to focus on anything but my dry mouth and the powerful thirst that will not be denied by begging, prayer or appeals to reason. So I guess any time after 3 works for me. What time of the day do you want to die? Tell us in the comments!

Photo by Bisli, via Shutterstock