Tucker Carlson Calls Bob Mendenez a "Latin Lover"

Mexicans, Al Gore, overweight lesbians ... yep, that's everything!

Did you stare at your computer until midnight waiting for Tucker Carlson’s blog exclusive about an elections sex scandal? Of course not — it was Halloween, and there’s still this power outage thing for millions of people, and who cares. But many conservative pundits on Twitter did stay up past their bediimes to see what the Daily Caller website would post, even though some other wingnuts on the Internet had already claimed the scandal was something about Senator Bob Menendez. The hot news finally went live, hours after the promised midnight posting: The Daily Caller claims that a lawyer in the Dominican Republic got two legal prostitutes to look at a picture of Bob Menendez.

So many sleepy people were sleepy last night, waiting for nothing:

Goodnight Loons

Dashiell Bennett gently kicked the alleged scandal at the Atlantic Wire:

There are also a few other factors working against them in this story, like the fact that Menendez is not married (so there’s no infidelity angle), prostitution is technically legal in the Dominican Republic, and the solid Democratic state that he serves is a little distracted by other matters right now ….

The Daily Caller also offered no other evidence to corroborate the story, other then the interviews, and couldn’t even definitively prove that Menendez was in the Dominican Republic at the time in question.

The important thing is the the Daily Caller has LATIN LOVER in really big letters on its home page, which seems to imply this “Menendez” may be some sort of illegal Mexican? Also there are the other three things Daily Caller readers are super worried about, every day: Overweight gay people might be trying to get legally married, climate change in the form of monster hurricanes in the Northeast is a good reason to remember that Al Gore is fat, and … that’s it, really.