The End Of Men Hyenas

“For more than 1000 years, people believed that hyenas were hermaphrodites, since female hyenas have long, fully-erectile pseudopenises that mimic male genitalia. Seeing a hyena play the role of mom while sporting what looks like a penis would bewilder even an astute naturalist. Not only do female hyenas look like males, they are also the more aggressive and socially dominant sex, exhibiting aggression more than three times more often than male hyenas do.”
 — There’s a lot of hyena genitalia on display in the above video, and some graphic usage thereof. But if that kind of thing doesn’t bother you (or, hey, if that kind of thing is precisely what you’d like to look at as your eat your lunch at your desk today — I dunno?) watch and learn about one of the more fascinating creatures of the African savanna. And then read this similarly informative study of how female aggression plays into the hyenas’hierarchical social order.