The Arguments Of 2012

So the argument at my Thanksgiving table this year centered around gay marriage; specifically, should gay marriage be something we affirm through the judicial process because it is a human right or should it be something we pass through the legislative process so we avoid another Roe v. Wade where people who would be opposed to it no matter what can pretend that they are bothered by it because it bypasses federalism or whatever? Now, granted, my Thanksgiving table was composed of decadent liberal Easterners, but as someone who has been around close to 40 Thanksgiving tables at this point I can guarantee you that this was a very new argument, one that almost made me hopeful about things until I reminded myself that in the end we are all going to die and no matter how quickly that happens there will still be all the attendant sufferings of existence to contend with in the meantime. Anyway, what did you argue about at the Thanksgiving table? Tell us in the comments!