Oh No, Not Again: Florida's Ballot Crammed With Wingnuttery by Nutbags

With 11 complicated ballot measures — all of them state constitutional amendments, all of them far-reaching and bizarre — the ballot for election day in Florida runs to ten pages. Already several days before election day, lines are running long at voting places in Miami Beach — so long that candidates for local office can work the voting lines, reports a local spy, because the voters lined up are well over 100 feet from the actual polling place. Among other measures, the ballot gives voters the opportunity to amend the constitution to:

• Not use public funds for abortion

• A crazy Tea Party judge selection amendment, which is basically an attempt to get right-wing ideologue judges installed;

• The ol’ anti-Obamacare amendment, to outlaw any federal provisions that employers must provide healthcare, and to get rid of any federal penalties for large employers for not providing healthcare;

• Allowing the state to use tax dollars for churches and religious organizations.

You can do all the WIZARD SORCERY you want on comparing polls, Nate Silver. But what polls have a hard time with is assessing voter turnout, and the wingnut brigade will be out in force, which should technically take Florida out of “toss-up” status — currently Romney is up .5% on average! — and into Rick Scott-Mitt Romney party of tea sandwich.