Introducing Four Stories, An Ultrabook Experience

Introducing Four Stories, An Ultrabook Experience

by Awl Sponsors

This post is brought to you by Intel and the Ultrabook experience. Find out more about The UltraBook experience here.

Intel has teamed with W Hotels to create Four Stories, a platform from which to identify and support rising visionaries in filmmaking, allowing them to share their talent with audiences around the world.

Four winning scripts, inspired by iconic W Hotels destinations and the mobility of the Intel-inspired Ultrabook™, were chosen from nearly 1,000 submissions from aspiring filmmakers worldwide. They were selected by a panel of entertainment industry insiders and filmmakers, and developed into short films.

Roman Coppola and his production company, The Directors Bureau, matched the four scripts with some of today’s most talented young directors and actors to bring each winner’s vision to life. We’re excited to present two of the winning short films below.

In our first short film, a socially challenged vacationer in Mexico City strikes up an unlikely friendship with one of the country’s best-known luchadores.

In our second short film, a business traveler in Washington DC gets a mysterious gift: an Ultrabook that grants all his wishes. How will he wield his unexpected powers?