Did the Gay Witches On "Buffy" Cause America To Accept Same-Sex Marriage?

But then the anti-gay vampires (?) killed Tara, and Willow destroyed Earth, the end.

It is amazing that gay marriage has become mainstream — and recognized in nearly a dozen states — over such a brief period of time. But it is not that amazing when you consider the power of Witchcraft. According to a mathematician-blogger (and we all believe whatever they say now), the trend to acceptance of same-sex marriage started exactly when two young Wiccan ladies became a couple on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Once Willow and Tara were just a normal part of a California town overrun by demonic forces and trampires, all the “Millennials” suddenly realized (because of the magic spell broadcast on television) that is was just fine to be a long-term witch couple on the teevee. It was the first lesbian relationship to be part of a regular television series, which is weird? And then, again because of the power of sorcery, exactly 12 years later gay marriage became legal on three out of four state ballot measures. It also won the support of the president and vice president, although it will take a more popular television series with more powerful witches to make same-sex marriage legal on the federal level.