Democrats: Party Of Racial Division

“In virtually every instance, the idea that the Republican Party is ‘too white’ is dropped with almost no discussion of what exactly that means. The phrase is being pinned like a scarlet ‘W’ on anyone who didn’t vote for the Democrats’ nominee. It’s a you-know-what-we-mean denunciation. Its only meaning is racial…. The Democrats’ insistence on pandering to political categories is a dead end for the country. Rather than spinning their own Rubik’s Cube of race, gender and ethnicity, Republicans should start growing their share of the electorate by doing a better job of telling people how to succeed in the American melting pot, a wonderful organizing idea now mocked as a ‘myth’ by progressive Democrats. No one can beat the Democrats at the politics of social division.”
 — The Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger drops some hard truth about how American politics works.