David Mamet Reaches New Low

“Will you tell your children that a liberal government will increasingly marginalize, dismiss and weaken the support for and the safety of the Jewish state?… Will you explain that whatever their personal beliefs, tax-funded institutions will require them to imbibe and repeat the slogans of the left, and that, should they differ, they cannot have a career in education, medicine or television unless they keep their mouths shut?… Most importantly, will you teach them never to question the pronouncements of those in power, for to do so is to risk ostracism?”
 — Right-wing “convert” David Mamet appeals to American Jews’ sense of parental guilt

as he encourages them to live up to the all the worst stereotypes in an essay he published yesterday at The Jewish Journal. Be tribal, selfish, greedy and penny-pinching, he says (I’m paraphrasing but only slightly.) And ambitious in your social climbing as you try to manipulate your children into becoming doctors or lawyers or media-world “macherim.” Be conniving and duplicitous as you lie to save face in polite society afterward. Don’t worry. It’s okay (just between us)… lots of Jews do it.