Yes, If You Want Me To Read An Article, Do Title It "Warning: Genetically Modified Humans"

“From the promotion of eugenics to justify genocide in Nazi Germany, to the mass-produced and homogenous population of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian future in the novel ‘Brave New World’, to ‘Frankenfood’, genetic engineering has amassed a reputation as a treacherous pursuit. However, a recent development appears to have slipped under the public radar: human pre-natal diagnosis. Screening foetal genomes to eliminate genetic ‘defects’ may lead to incremental changes in the human genetic reservoir, a permanent shift in our characteristics and eventually, self-domestication.”
 — Scientific American’s Zaria Gorvett makes a strong argument against the increasingly easy and common practice of pre-natal screening. The counter-argument is difficult to avoid, though: prospective parents have the ability to learn something — something important that will hugely affect their lives. And then, of course, the ability to avert what they may believe to be a more painful and difficult future. (By aborting a fetus with the genetic code for Down syndrome, let’s say.) Are we to make it against the law to access such information? Or to act upon it? Man, that stuff in the Bible about the Tree of Knowledge was no joke!