The Beatles, 'Magical Mystery Tour'

“For years, you had to be a bit trepidatious about saying you liked Magical Mystery Tour. It was the same thing as Carry On films and spaghetti westerns being regarded with absolute contempt — whereas they’re now seen as masterpieces. To say you liked Magical Mystery Tour was almost an indication that there was something wrong with you. It’s taken all this time for it to be reassessed.”
— The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour

— the hour-long film they made for British television, not the album of the same name — is finally available on Blu-Ray and DVD. I am not sure that “masterpiece” is exactly the right word, but you can absolutely see its influence on Monty Python, among others. It’s a remarkably British piece of film, and if it isn’t completely coherent, it is at least never boring. There’s even The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band singing “Death Cab For Cutie.” If you’re not a Beatles fan you can probably skip this, but if do like the group you’re gonna want to watch it. The extras alone make it worthwhile. Also: “Your Mother Should Know” is a hugely under-appreciated song when you think about how much of their material draws its power from nostalgia. Yes, that’s what I took away.