New York City, October 1, 2012

★★★★★ Irresistible in the middle, very slightly demanding at the ends: the fall’s stock pattern inverting summer’s. The balance of brightness and chill made it seem reasonable to go crisscrossing Grand Street in search of a bakery with Hong Kong milk tea. No one had a pot ready. The appetite considered a small standard cup of New York cart coffee, but nor was a breakfast cart at hand. The reverie moved on to cafe con leche, in a nice thick rounded cup — but there was the office, and the office machine would do. Up on the roof, a light wind blew from east to west and sun shone white on the still-green trees across the street. It was too lively for basking in; the thing to do was pace around in it for a while. As the evening chill settled in, people had made their accommodations. A Yankees fan on the train had a Yankees knit hat, pompom-topped, and her companion wore long sleeves layered under his pinstripes. A pair of red cowboy boots walked by on the platform.