If We Have To Pay Off Gitmo Detainees, Can We Prosecute Ourselves For Funding Terrorism?

So let’s see, we convicted for war crimes all of seven people who have gone through Guantanamo. Now they’re all going to get off, thanks to a ruling by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, on the grounds that none of the things they were doing were war crimes until after they did them. (Such as: being Osama bin Laden’s gardener.) But at least we got Omar Ahmed Khadr, because he actually murdered someone! Oh, but but he’s Canadian. So he’s up for parole next year. He’ll be just another friendly dude running a Tim Hortons a year from now.

Also haha, can’t wait till all these jerks sue the U.S. government for wrongful conviction and we have to PAY MONEY TO THEM. CAN YOU IMAGINE? *BLARGH*

But don’t worry, we’ve got five wackos more to prosecute and kill, thereby bringing balance to the world (???) and peace to the hearts of all (???).