Goldman Sachs Invites the Long-Term Unemployed to Intern!


Have you been out of the workplace for two or more years? Perhaps because you were laid off by a financial service company, such as Goldman Sachs, who had repeated layoffs of thousands of employees, for a bit of free — and, with the exception of one harrowing quarter, unnecessary — cash to have handy in the recent financial crisis? Good news! The Goldman Sachs Returnship® Program (yes) is offering ten-week paid internships for people just like you, those were cast out of the workplace as dead weight to appease the bottom line (sorry, who took an “extended career break”). Goldman Sachs is “committed to help facilitate the on-ramping process”! Some of these people even get jobs! (Actually, quite a few, it looks like.) It’s basically a ten-week paid interview. So RAMP ON! It starts in January; apply here. As part of your extremely long-term plan, of course. You know what to do.