Did You Grow Up With Tom Carvel's Voice In Your Head?

“Cookie Puss, an ice-cream cake come to life, was the embodiment of the brand’s low-budget, home-brewed ad approach — appalling by just about any aesthetic measure yet incredibly memorable if not straight-up haunting and psyche-scarring. As such, these spots burned themselves into the cultural memory, especially for people who grew up in a certain time and place: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in the 1970s and 80s. But their impact has been much broader; Howard Stern, the Beastie Boys, ‘The Family Guy,’ Regis and Kelly, Philip Glass, Patton Oswalt and countless other comics have meditated upon or referenced Cookie Puss, to say nothing of cousin Cookie O’Puss — with his poor version of an Irish accent — or Fudgie the Whale, Hug Me Bear or Dumpy the Pumpkin.”
— Here’s a look back at the tri-state weirdness that was the Carvel advertising experience.