Silicon Valley Still Doesn't Get New York

Silicon Valley Still Doesn’t Get New York

David Ebersman, Facebook’s CFO, and the man who planned its wealth-annihilating IPO, “recently came to New York to meet with big investors, including hedge funds and institutional investors. Some invitations for meetings were oddly, and somewhat imperiously, sent out on Thursday night for meetings on Friday. Given that it was summer, some investors sent their junior analysts.” Oh honey. Okay, Palo Alto nerds, Labor Day has passed. We are now largely returned to our offices, although really you shouldn’t try to schedule a Friday meeting until October, because the ocean is still warm and no one’s really closed down the summer house yet. Good grief, we live in New York because we have lives. The whole pretense of “California casual” is a lie, and doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to how seriously New Yorkers take their summers. The whole idea that the “laid-back, offbeat workplace vibe of Silicon Valley” is spreading to New York may be true in terms of foosball and employees taking laser tag outings (oy), but WE invented the whole idea of “not coming to the office at all,” so, go on up to Harbin Hotsprings and flagellate yourselves with some cedar balls or whatever.