Marc Leder Is Going to Own That American Hero Cater-Waiter

Welcome to the most bizarre thing we’ve read yet this crazy election week. Marc Leder, who hosted the now wildly infamous covertly recorded Romney fundraiser, at which normal everyday white people learned that Mitt Romney hates them in the way that most Republicans only hate black people and gays, is going to nail that wonderful brave video-recording person to a wall and use him (or her!) as a sconce. “He is in the process of narrowing down the suspects and is contemplating contacting law enforcement,” is what they say. Good luck with that, because I can think of about 47% of America who’ll happily contribute to the legal defense.

Here is the second-funniest statement about Leder: “He has always stressed that he is supporting Romney because he was the inspiration for Leder starting Sun Capital. Leaving Lehman and starting Sun Capital has been a good financial move for Leder.” I mean, I know this was back in the 90s, but yeah, leaving Lehman was “a good financial move,” yes.

Also they point out that Leder is a job destroyer, basically: Sun Partners buys distressed companies and shed the employees and/or move their operations to Canada, etc. That’s how we roll in Mitt Romney’s America! Except Leder really lives in our America, where we like to have a good time. USA!