Let's Occupy Wall Street

I hope that, if you are interested and available, you’ll join me and many others at the Occupy Wall Street one-year anniversary demonstrations. They begin tomorrow.

I don’t have every goal — or method — in common with other protesters. Heck, I don’t even support a “Robin Hood tax” on financial transactions. Also, I am too bourgeois and busy to be arrested for civil disobedience. But I do believe, along with many Occupy folks, that in many ways the institutions of our country unfairly favor the rich, and that many institutions unfairly conspire to keep poor people poor and uneducated — and to make working people ever more disposable and insecure. If I have to pick a side, and it rather seems like I do, then I’ll be on the side of the “ecoterrorists” and “hippies” and the “anarchists” and the — gasp! — “union members.” Sometimes, we’re indistinguishable.

And lots will happen at 7 a.m. Monday morning at Wall Street. (Um, should be pretty quiet overall, anyway, given that it’s Rosh Hashanah, so, that’s weird, but.) The vast majority of us in attendance — as always — will be polite, friendly and principled. If, as a group, we are somewhat incoherent, that is absolutely fine.