Bonnie "Prince" Billy, "Time To Be Clear"

Bonnie “Prince” Billy, “Time To Be Clear”

“My mind isn’t a sponge, it’s a parasitic death-starry glob that is big and wet and angry much of the time, feeding on itself and allowing only the choicest and most-vulnerable bits in when its blood sugar gets low.”
 — MTV Hive editor Mike Ayers, “pessimistic cartoonist” Dustin Glick and art director Nicklaus Deyring helped Will Oldham (a.k.a. Bonnie “Prince” Billy) make this video to accompanying a song from his most recent album, Wolfroy Goes to Town, and the wonderful essay”To Hell With Drawers,” that he wrote for The Poetry Foundation this year. It’s about bunny rabbits. That is all, nothing more. Just nice little bunny rabbits.