How To Back Up Your Computer

by Brian Lam

When my friend had his Apple iCloud account hacked, the hacker wiped his phone, iPad and laptop remotely. You can read more about how that all happened here. But the worst thing is that my friend, tech writer Mat Honan, did not have a recent back up of his computer. Along with various pieces of work, he lost about a year’s worth of photos of his daughter that he may not ever see again.

In Mat’s words, this was stupid. In my words, this is an easy thing to prevent.

Don’t be like Mat. Learn from his mistakes.

Backing up your computer can be painless and if you lose your hard drives like Mat or like I have twice, you won’t lose more than a few minutes of data if you just take a few minutes to do the right thing. Just do this. Read the rest at The Wirecutter.