Santigold, "The Keepers"

“In the video for ‘The Keepers,’ which Santi directed herself, she sticks to the lyrical theme of a self-destructive delusional American society…numb, insane, and creepy. The clip has shades of John Waters, David Lynch, and a whole lot of Cindy Sherman (a photographer who has spent the past 35 years taking photos of herself dressed up in various creepy costumes. I actually find her work pretty grotesque, but I respect her cojones). ‘The Keepers’ has everything from glo-worm jello molds, to June Cleaver blond wigs, a GZA cameo, a murdered milkman, and Santi’s signature marionnette dance moves… It’s weird and I love it.”
 — The new Santigold video is a thing that Miss Info loves. Me, too.