This Summer: Slushies for Kidults

Kidult summer trends! Unrelated but intriguing. First, all the new mens’ suits are shiny all of a sudden — made of wool and silk, shiny is the new, uh, not shiny. So buy some shiny suits that will be wildly out of vogue in two years. Second, it’s the summer of the “sophisticated slushie.” Which, you’ll be wanting one come Wednesday. You can blame Pok Pok for a lot of things — for being the most impossible no-reservations place in Brooklyn to actually eat at, for starters. (Today’s New Yorker calls it “dining as sport” and “an exhausting game.”) You can also blame them for the beer slushie: their “old-school, low-tech formula relies on a rotating barrel filled with a slurry of ice and salt that’s hooked up to a windshield-wiper motor. Stick a bottle of Singha in for five minutes, fish it out, tap it hard to further crystallize the beer molecules, and presto: instant brain freeze.” Yup, just another sign of the Portlandification of Brooklyn (by way of Bangkok, this time). It could be a worse summer beverage trend — at least it’s not an appletini or like “artisanal bitters and tonic.”