Serial Sheep-Killing Bear Tells All

“You know how it is: You kill a sheep and it feels good. The power. You’ve got all the power. And you think to yourself, I killed that one sheep and it felt amazing, how great is it gonna feel if I kill a bunch more? And suddenly you come to in some Montana field, and it’s two weeks later and you’ve killed 70 sheep and you’re covered in blood and entrails, and you start to ask yourself, what am I doing? It used to be about the sheep slaughtering, the innocent joy of playing God with a helpless ruminant. Instead you’re trapped in some senseless orgy of ovine depredation, always chasing that high you felt the first time you mauled that mewling mutton. And you sit there with your shame until the Wildlife service darts you and carts you away. At least you do if you’re a bear. It may be different for some other folks.” [Via; and do note that there is a graphic-photo warning on the link above]