N.O.R.E., "Kenny Powers"

Have you heard the new slang term for cocaine? It’s “Kenny Powers,” named for the “disrespectful white” character played by Danny McBride on the HBO comedy, Eastbound & Down. The white part, I understand. But the description of a drug as being “disrespectful” is confusing. Though, I once drank some red wine that was described on its bottle as “mischievous.” I guess it’s no more confusing than that. And anyway, N.O.R.E. has been simultaneously confusing and charming his fans since he rapped about running laps around the English channel back in 1998. His latest mixtape is called Crack on Steroids, which is awesome and hilarious. May he never start making sense. (Oh, but be careful. There are some clips from Eastbound & Down in this video that are NSFW because of nudity.)